An Individualised Approach

Naturopathy is a specialised field of health care that draws from a rich history of traditional medicine practices and combines it with modern scientific research, encompassing both nutrition and herbal medicine.

The recorded use of plants as medicine dates back 5000 years when the Sumerians detailed the well-established medicinal use of thyme, caraway and laurel. Without exception, herbs have been used as medicine in every different culture in the world. Herbal medicine remains one of the oldest and most utilised forms of medicine in the world today. Modern herbal medicine uses plant materials sourced from around the world, which are produced using pharmaceutical grade manufacturing practices. These plant medicines contain multiple active constituents that can have beneficial effects across multiple body systems.

Herbal medicines are prescribed on an individual basis and usually combine several herbs in one formula to target specific areas of health, while supporting the body’s natural regulatory systems.

Naturopathic treatment is the ultimate in preventative healthcare. Not only can we alleviate your symptoms in the short term, but we focus on providing you with a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan that will serve you now and help prevent health problems in the future.