• Melanie Hartskeerl

Speed Bumps and Potholes

One of the things we need to remember in life is that there will always be things that rock our metaphoric boats.

Thinking about our current situation in the world and locally, the spread of Covid 19 and its impact it's just one of many things that will impact our journey. This is a common conversation I have with a lot of my PT, nutrition, and personal training clients because we really need to focus on how we deal with these situations all the time.

Yes, it's a massive pain in the bum to go into multiple lockdowns it feels like we're taking one step forward two steps back and the light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting further and further away. But if we look at this in the bigger scheme of our entire lifespan it's just one of many speed bumps that we will incur. Relationship breakdowns, work stresses, financial stresses, friendships, children, dear ones passing and our general mental health status all impact how we feel on a daily basis, and it is these things that have an impact on how we do life on a daily basis.

The thing I try to encourage everyone is to focus on how to manage these inconveniences; all these speed bumps and potholes as I like to call them. We can't avoid them; they are part of life and at the moment Covid is throwing more at us than usual. So being mindful about what we do when we come across these in our road as well as keeping in mind every cloud has a silver lining is a good way to attack these situations.

I always like to remind people that there is always an upside to the downside, so I'm trying to embrace not working again in my 6th lockdown but still working on other things within myself, my home, and my business. It can really be a challenging time and mentally challenging to have to keep battling but I guess the in the bigger picture is not just where we are at the moment but where we are moving forward and how we deal with these things.

So, I wrote this blog to encourage people to have a think about the long-term road that you're on and how you are or how you do or how you want to navigate these hurdles. Try to take a positive out of the negative of being in potentially another lockdown as most of Australia is at the moment and work on that. And remember these potholes and speed bumps are ongoing things that will occur in life forever so take the time to work out how you best navigate them and how you’re currently dealing with them and how you would like to in the future.

Let’s make use of our downtime.

Yours In Health,


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